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We have used Unilever's 'I can't believe it's not Butter!' vegetable oil spread for years, and in significant quantity. We did considerable taste testing and cooking trial and error before selecting it as the best "margarine" on the market. Recently I detected a significant change in both the taste and the cooking characteristics of this product. This change corresponded with the change in packaging, from round to rectangular carton.

The taste is less "butter like" and very unappetizing. The "new simple recipe" (as declared on the packaging) also does not emulsify as well with olive oil for cooking, like the old product did. It doesn't melt like the old recipe when spread on hot toast or baked rolls. It sits on the hot pastries like 'yellow icing' and tastes like unrefined 'oil'.

I called Unilever and they confirmed the change in recipe at the time of the new package introduction. In my opinion this change was NOT a change for the better. They changed what was a fabulous product into a less than satisfactory one. My guess is that the "new simple recipe" was more about cost savings and a lot less about improving the product.

In my opinion the new recipe is AWFUL and I am now searching for a new alternative.

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After years of using Country Crock I quit when the new recipe came out. It tasted sour to me.

I went to Imperial but it's gone to the new recipe. It also only has 29% fat, the rest seems like water and the last tub I bought tasted nasty. It's in the garbage. I've gone back to Parkay - it doesn't have vinegar in it - but does have milk.

Next time I'm in Save-A-Lot I'll check out their store brand. I don't know what they were thinking, but I'll go without before buying Country Crock or Imperial again.


Those of you who like the original Country Crock recipes should go to the Aldi Supermarket and buy a tub of Countryside Creamery Homestyle Spread. This stuff is indistinguishable from the original Country Crock recipes that for whatever reason they decided to throw away.

I will never buy Country Crock again either. They suck and they are idiots.

to anonymous #1378980

Bring it on clown! How long have your taste buds been dead?

Dallas, Texas, United States #1240152

Talk some more trash about I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and you won't believe the *** whooping you'll receive from me. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter's margarine spread is unmatched it delicious taste.

Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States #1240047

I can't believe it's not butter

Well, I sure can now!

Found the new product a big disappointment after years of using the original recipe.

Change back for everyone's sake

Clemmons, North Carolina, United States #1204101

Brummel & Brown New recipe sucks. It taste bitter or like


Had to stop buying it.


Montclair, California, United States #1202482

And now they have done it to Country Crock and Imperial.

Another problem with the new formula; mold grows on the inside of the container, even at 36 degrees.


The stuff taste aweful!


I don't use butter in huge quantities but my who happens to have Autism loves her white rice with a little bit of salt and butter. Her taste buds are so intolerant to change and I swear she can detect the most minimal changes in recipes.

She does NOT tolerate this new formula. I couldn't believe she would not eat the rice she's been eating for years until I tasted this butter and realized the issue.


In the meantime I will keep on surfing other butters 'till I find our new "saving grace".


They have lessened the amount of oil in it and added water. Makes your toast wet.

Imperial did the same thing. Will not buy them anymore.

Added water and price is up...don't dixieland what is not broken. People don't but this watered down product let them know...maybe they will bring it back to the way it was

Port Clinton, Ohio, United States #1059471

it is awful !! will never buy again !!


The problem is that all margarines have gone to the square container and show that they are "new recipe". Like I can't believe it's not butter, they all taste terrible.

Imperial, Country Crock, Blue Bonnet and even my favorite, Brummel and Brown have all changed recipes and container shapes.

Why all of them? Is it a conspiracy or what?

to Anonymous #1099396

It's because they are all made by Unilever


I can't believe that the same company make both products with the exact same ingrediences. Country Crock and I can't believe it's not butter.

They are both terrible since they changed it to the new container look. I can see why they did that so people can think it's all new and improved.

It taste and smells horrible. Save your money whipped land o lake will take the place of these two products and you may want to do the same

San Jose, California, United States #1024307

Same as everyone, except I had the misfortune to unwittingly purchase the new junk at Costco, so I have a bunch to throw away. I went to my local supermarket and bought a small tub of every alternative they had, and settled on Melt margarine (http://www.meltorganic.com/best-margarine/) as the best tasting, with spreadable butter (butter mixed with canola oil) as a close second.

But neither are as good as our old beloved ICBINB. Wish I'd had the foresight to buy up a bunch of the good stuff!

to Anthony #1038945

Unfortunately the company does not care how people feel about it. They will when they don't sell much of it anymore.

I bought whipped land o lake and it's really good. It taste just like butter.

to Rowb Dubuque, Iowa, United States #1258595

Becuase it is real butter, lol.


I'm with you. I got online to find their site so I can put in a complaint.

This new stuff is horrible! Just made my son a grilled cheese and it looks like I had cooked eggs around the side of the sandwich.


I've used ICBINB since it first came out in the 1980's. My family and I loved the taste.

The new formulas taste is awful, I threw out the tubs I purchased.

I'm really disappointed with Unilever's decision to change it and no I don't want a coupon for Country Crock. Fortunately I found a substitute Redner's supermarket has something called Tastes like Butter, it's only .99 for 16 ounces and tastes extremely close to my beloved old ICBINB.


I used ICBINB for chocolate chip cookies. I will not use new product anymore.

It ruined my cookies.

They were flat, with no substance. The negative change in texture drew several negative comments by friends.

Don't they test kitchen product before changing?

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