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For years we've been enjoying the round tub of ICBINB with 80 calories per tablespoon. Now the "new Original" in the square tub with 70 calories per tablespoon is worse than the cheapest margarines. The internet is loaded with complaints. To get this fixed, Unilever...
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I liked
  • Their customer service was nice
I didn't like
  • Changed the product and ruined it
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I started using Suave Keratin Shampoo about 4 months ago. Since then my hair has had considerable breakage and is falling out. My pony tail is so thin now!!! I stopped using it and the breakage is still happening. I'm scared I'm going to end up half bald. I saw on...
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I purchased this product at a local store and my two daughters and I have been using it for a little over two months. At first, I did notice that my hair was smoother and sh...

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4/30/12 I use almost no chemicals in my house. I go sulfate free, etc. My vanity got the best of me and I was tired of having frizzy curly hair. This product promised smoother hair with more defined. When it was advertised as "Keratin" I assumed it was safe. If I...
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Don\'t do it!!!!!!!!!!! Most of my hair fell out


The same thing happened to me. I lost a lot of my hair and I look terrible. I\'m so mad.

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